Partial Joint Replacement

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Partial joint replacement surgeries are minimally invasive procedures, which are most commonly preformed on weight-bearing joints, particularly the knees and hips. Partial joint replacement surgeries are also performed on hands and wrists.

These surgeries are favorable in that only the damaged areas are replaced while more of the natural joint is preserved. Patients that suffer from Arthritis or Osteosclerosis that compromises the integrity of the joint bones, are likely forpartial joint replacement candidates provided their conditions are not too severe.

Partial joint replacements procedures can also repair traumatic injuries caused by car accidents, falls or sports related injuries. Overall, partial joint replacements require less time in hospital and less recovery time making these procedures a more preferable option for suitable candidates.

Partial Knee Replacements

Partial knee replacement is also known as a Unicompartmental knee replacement. In many cases a Unicompartmental knee replacement is a favorable alternative to a total knee replacement. This is particularly true when only one side of the knee has been damaged or when two or less areas of the knee are damaged.

This procedure involves smaller incisions, less bleeding, quicker recovery, and less bone loss than a total knee replacement. However, if there is widespread arthritis in the joint, partial kneereplacement should not be considered. Suitable candidates for Unicompartimental kneereplacement surgeries are typically, over 55, not obese, relatively sedentary and have intact ligaments.

Partial Hip Replacements

Partial hip replacement surgery can repair hip joints that are damaged from injuries or diseases in a single area of the hip. Falls, sports related injuries and car accidents are the most common causes of injuries to the hip joint; while Osteonecrosis and Arthritis are the most common diseases found in hip joints.

A Bipolar prosthesis is the most frequently performed partial hip replacement procedure. Typically, during this type of procedure the head of the femur is either removed or covered with a protective plate while the pelvic portion of the hip also known as the Acetabulum is left in place.

Partial Wrist Fusion/Excision

Partial wrist fusion and Proximal Row Carpectomy are procedures that are performed to alleviate pain while preserving partial movement in the wrist. It is necessary to fuse a portion of the wrist bones together when others are removed to maintain stability in the wrist. Alternatively, a Proximal Row Carpectomy may be performed in which bones are stabilized with metal parts. An orthopedic surgeon can properly determine which of these two options would be most effective based upon a patient’s specific condition.

Shoulder Resurfacing

Shoulder resurfacing can relieve pain and improve movement in the shoulder joint. This procedure is most commonly performed on patients suffering from diseases in the joint such as Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis. In addition, Shoulder resurfacing preserves more of the natural bone and is a less invasive option for eligible candidates.

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